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Frequently Asked Questions



Q - How much does it cost to hire the band?

A - It varies of course, so send us the details and we’ll happily give you a quote. Our price is constant for similar functions in and around the Norwich to Newmarket corridor, per calendar year, however the cost could increase for venues that are further distances from there, or for bookings that require us to arrive earlier and/or perform for longer than usual, or if we need to book overnight accommodation.


Q – Can you give us a discount?

A – We select one charity event per year to give a discount to, but other than that, no. We give a competitive price at the outset, to do away with the need to haggle.


Q – Any hidden extras to pay for?

A – None, the price we give you is the total cost.


Q – Any deposit to pay?

A – Yes, for our peace of mind, and yours. Currently it is set at £50.00, due at the time of booking, and it is non refundable. The £50 is part of the total price quoted and not an extra.


Q – When is the balance due?

A – If paying by cheque, 10 working days before the function date, if by bank transfer, 5 working days before, and if by cash, on the evening of the function. Please offer to pay on our arrival to save us having to ask.


Q – How long does it take for the band to set up?

A – It takes anywhere from 60 – 90 minutes depending on accessibility to the stage area. We arrive with 3 or sometimes 4 vehicles and if we have close and clear access to the stage area we can set up in the minimum time.


Q – Can you set up during the day?

A – No we cant set up during the day, and in our experience of close to 30 years of gigs, it hasn’t ever been necessary to do so. This will not impact on the length of our performance.


Q – Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

A – Yes we do, for £10,000,000.


Q – How long do you perform for?

A – A standard 8 – 12 function would see us on stage for approximately 3 hours. Our set lengths are flexible, but usually it means 3x 1 hour sets, depending on other events that are happening, speeches, raffles, auctions, buffets etc. You won’t need to hire a disco to cover our breaks.


Q – Can you play music in between your sets?

A – Yes, we will put background or dance music on whenever we are off stage, before, between and after our sets. Alternatively you can supply an ipod/mp3 player with music of your own choice on, which we can plug into our system using the standard mini jack/earphone socket. Our breaks rarely last longer than 20 minutes.


Q – Can we see the band before booking?

A – We very rarely play public access gigs, but if one is scheduled, you will be welcome to attend. The vast majority of our gigs are private functions, and in most cases it is not appropriate to have guests/potential customers turn up, however if we think it would be OK to ask the question at a particular gig, we will.


Q – Can we see a setlist of your songs?

A – No, we don’t keep one, and if we did, we wouldn’t give it out. We think our song choices are a big part of our success and we don’t want to give any secrets to our competitors. Suffice to say, we perform songs from the 60s to modern day hits, with quite a few different styles covered, and the list is constantly being added to and amended.


Q – Do you take requests?

A – Yes, you are welcome to email us a list of favourite songs and/or artists, and we can amend our set lists to include a selection of them. As a standard, we will play the first dance tune at weddings, given enough notice (3 months), and providing we think we can do the song justice.

We will take requests on the night from the audience, and try to perform as many as we can during the evening.


Q – How much space does the band need to set up?

A – Ideally, around 21’ long, by 8’ deep, and 8’ high. And also ideally, it should not be across the corner of a room, or facing away from the audience. We interact with them as a major part of our performance and so need eye contact. We can fit into smaller areas but it then begins to inhibit our performance and comfort on stage.

Q – Is your equipment tested?

A – Yes, all band equipment is PAT tested regularly.


Q – Can we use your equipment for speeches etc?

A – It depends. If someone wishes to stand on stage to “say a few words”, then yes.  Our gear is not really suited to wedding speeches, especially where the stage area will be in relation to the table layout, because feedback can occur when the mic is used in front of the speaker cabinets.


Q – What are your power requirements?

A – The band uses approximately 1500 – 2000 watts, so a single household socket, which has a limit of 3500 watts is more than adequate. We carry plenty of distribution boards and extensions with us. Give this information to your marquee provider if using one, he should know the size of any generator needed.


Q – What are your lighting requirements?

A – We carry all necessary lighting for the stage and band members. The light from those sources spills onto the immediate dance floor area in front of us, but the remainder of the hall/marquee should have minimal dim lighting if possible.


Q – Any other requirements?

A – The band will require a suitable room to change into, and out of, our performing clothes. This could be something as simple as a vacant office or as nice as a hotel room. Toilets are not suitable. We will need it approximately 1 hour before performance time, and of course for a short time at the end of the evening. Please don’t go to the expense of booking a hotel room just for us, hotels are often happy to allow us to use a vacant room for free if they have any available.


Q – Do we need to provide food and drink for the band?

A - We politely request that the band may be invited to partake of any buffet available to your guests. Or, if a formal meal, we would ask that food and soft drinks should be provided to feed 5, to help sustain us through what will have been a long evening by the end of the performances. We will gladly accept whatever you are able to provide.


Q – How do we confirm our booking?

A – We will email you a contract, which you should print, sign, and return to us together with the deposit payment using one of the methods stated above. On our receipt of this signed contract and deposit, the booking will be confirmed. Please note that until this has happened, the band, although penciled in for you on that date, has not been booked or confirmed.