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The Boring Biography bit....

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Sir Terry Dactyl of Monte Christo

Who is Terry Dactyl?

He is a man who, if not for his  shorn locks would have hair like a sheep, and would also have a six-pack like torso, if he just could be bothered. He would be known as the national sex symbol, if he was in fact Brad Pitt.
And as for his guitar playing……..well……he could be as good as the best, if he was just good enough……but unfortunately he is only the best within his price range.


Terry was born in Hull in 1724, and unbeknownst to him he was blessed with the curse of the Highlander and is now immortal until the last of his kind has been terminated.
His ex-girlfriend list boasts the likes of Kylie Minogue, Caprice, and he even dated the Queen for a few short months until Prince Philip put an end to their sordid affair.
Terry was raised by a pig farmer, thus, giving him a very competitive appetite and he can eat any man or beast under the table……and probably he does.

In short Terry is probably the best man in the world.

Steve in the middle.

Harley Street, my first band, lasted from 1983 to 1999, and was very successful, as it evolved into an extremely competent group, capable of delivering a nights entertainment of the highest standard
At the end of Harley Street's "shelf life", I knew the formula that was needed to be a success, so Captain Scarlet has grown to be as good a nights entertainment, if not better, than I had before. And in only a fraction of the time.

I taught myself to play bass during the last 7 or 8 years of Harley Street, and whilst I admit to not being a virtuoso, Tim and I can hold a groove down. The strength in the group is not how we are individually, but how we gel together.


In my past I managed to clock up around 600 First Team appearances in the local soccer scene, firstly with Great Yarmouth Town, then Diss Town, and finally Norwich United, collecting a cupboardful of trophies, both team and individual, along the way.

During the time I was kicking a round ball about in grounds all over the UK, I was also juggling my time and weekends playing American Football with the Norwich Devils. I also have a another cupboardful of trophies for this sport, having helped the Devils to become National Champions in 1989, 2002 and 2007. Currently I am on the coaching staff of the UEA Pirates American football team.

For musos, I play a Red Transient, Musicman Stingray 4 string, born in 2007, with a Hartke 350W amp and 4x10 cabinet, coupled with a Korg tuner, while singing through a Beyer TG-X81 mic.

And to answer your other questions, yes my hair is natural, no - there are no products on it, and yes - you can pull it and everything!

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Sarah has been with the band a good while now and has got used to the warped sense of humour that prevails over the guys. Actually she has it too, accompanied by a laugh that could strip paint. Her only bad point is a tendancy to slip into her real voice in times of stress. Sarah has blonde (sometimes), straight (sometimes) hair and blue (always) eyes. Sarah has turned out to be the final piece of the jigsaw, coming from the karaoke circuit into a working function band. Her Mum is even more proud of her now!!

She also has very sparkly red shoes!



Keyboard player Will was originally a child prodigy on the clarinet with Suffolk Youth Orchestra. He eventually saw the error of his ways and discovered electricity and the guitar!! With brother Tim he was with Rainbows End for over 15 years but it wasn't until 10 years ago that he decided to play keyboards. He also sings and is the techno whiz kid in the band.

His singing voice is also something to behold!






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Hi boys and girls. I'm Tim. The bestest drummer in the whole of the…………….. band. (Actually, our Tel's pretty nifty on the skins). But he's far too good looking to be stuck at the back, and anyway he cant keep time (well, he can't get to the gigs on time!!).

Anyway, to the boring bit………. My love of drums started at a very early age. I can remember getting all my Mum's pots and pans out of the cupboards and with a couple of her wooden spoons, I'd make a fantastic…. spag bol. I really wanted to play the guitar when I was about 12, but after a week of battling through "A TUNE A DAY " book without actually learning one, I decided maybe the guitar wasn't for me, and perhaps the drums were an easier option (well that Cozy Powell always made it look pretty simple) and he was really cool - and if he could get all those girls screaming, well that was good enough for me………… That was the plan…….

I saw an advert in the local rag for an old premier kit, with all the hardware and cymbals for £50 . And as my 13th birthday was coming up, it seemed a good day to, wash Dads car…. clean and tidy my room… the washing up (all without even being asked!!). Well it had to work, didn't it ? Mind you, he didn't like the neighbours…….. maybe that was the reason he gave in??

 Since that day I've never looked back. From the age of 15 I've been a semi pro-drummer in one band or another, and loved every minute. (apart from the time I fell off the back of the stage, that was a tad embarrassing). The major part of my drumming career was with a five piece function band called "Rainbow's End". We played up and down the country for many years, and built up a good following. This also featured brother Will playing guitar / keyboards. The band finally split after 13 years (quite an achievement).


Anyway, on to Captain Scarlet. The band is just going great at present. We all get along together really well. And we're all in the band for the same reason………to have fun - and we do. 
For anyone that wants to know, I play a five piece DW kit, with Sabian & Paiste cymbals.


Some drummers jokes:

How can you tell if the stage riser is level? The drummer will dribble out of both sides of his mouth.

Whats the difference between a drum machine and a drummer? You only have to punch the information into the drum machine once.

Whats the difference between a drummer and a premium bond? Eventually the bond matures and earns money.

How can you tell when a drummers at the door? He doesn't know when to come in.